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Enhance Your Rope Access Management Expertise with PMI's Complimentary Administrator Course
PMI's Vertical Rescue Solutions is offering a free Rope Access Administrator Course for program managers. This course includes instruction on managing rope access with respect to safety requirements, skills training, and compliance. Whether you're just starting out in the field or already an experienced rope access administrator, this course is sure to help to improve your understanding of rope access management. Don't miss this opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge - register today!
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Expertly Engineered for Comfort, Safety, and Durability in Challenging Environments

Introducing Our Premier Harnesses - Hira and Lemur

The first harness designed from the ground up, just for women. The perfect solution for hard working professionals who demand high-performance gear. Its ergonomic design, easy-to-adjust straps, and rugged construction make it the ideal choice for workers in the fuel and petrochemical industry.
The Lemur harness offers lightweight comfort, excellent weight distribution, and superior adjustability, ensuring a perfect fit for users of all sizes. Its durable materials and attention to detail make it the perfect harness for AFPM professionals.
Extreme pro Fall-Tek resuce kit

Fall-Tek Rescue Solution

Rescuing a fallen and suspended coworker from their fall protection without putting the rescuer in harm's way can be a real challenge. But with the PMI® Fall-Tek Rescue Solution, a non-committal coworker rescue can be safely accomplished by using a telescoping pole to hook the suspended worker and then raise or lower them to safety. The Fall-Tek is rescue-ready and pre-rigged with ANSI compliant ropes and hardware- thereby eliminating the time spent on tying knots or setting up a complicated rigging system.
The ultimate polyester kernmantle rope

11 mm PMI® Extreme Pro™ (G) Rope with UNICORE®

Unicore® technology creates the ultimate bond between sheath and core. This bond ensures sheath slippage is nearly zero, even when the sheath is entirely cut circumferentially. Typically when such sheath damage occurs, the sheath bunches below the damaged area entrapping the technician either above or below the damage site. This rope allows the technician to pass either a cut or torn sheath area, whether descending or ascending, since the sheath cannot bunch to create an impasse.
Industry-leading Safety, Quality, and Innovation.

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