Elevate Your Climbing Passion with Beal!
At PMI, we've always prioritized the needs of professionals working at height with our superior equipment. Today, we're thrilled to add a new dimension to our lineup, particularly for those passionate about climbing during their leisure time.
Why Beal?
PMI remains your reliable ally for professional-grade gear, as Beal extends our ability to deliver a remarkable range of gear curated for sport climbing. Their dedication to nurturing camaraderie within the climbing community aligns with our values, creating a synergy we're excited to share with you.
PMI is honored to have been selected as US Distribution partner for Beal Products. In my thirty-plus years in the industry, I have developed the utmost respect for the fine craftsmanship of Beal products as well as for Beal's overall commitment to excellence.
Loui McCurley, Pigeon Mountain Industries CEO
Beal's curated selection of carabiners, cordage, and more, ensuring you're always equipped for any climb.
Gully 7.3 mm Golden Dry
Rando 8 mm
Opera 8.5 mm
  • Ultra Light
  • Low Impact Force
  • Ultra Light
  • Triple certification simple, double and twin
  • Unicore
  • Flashy Colors
  • Unicore
  • The ultimate rope
For those seeking ultra-lightweight without compromising on strength.
Compact, ultra-light, and indispensable for alpine ventures.
Experience lightweight precision for those demanding ascents.
The rope to secure you during extreme hikes.
The lightest single rope.
The must have for ice climbing.
Zenith 9.5 mm
Cobra II 8.6 mm
Joker 9.1 mm
  • Light
  • 1st rope with triple certification single, double & twin
  • Unicore
  • Untreated rope
  • The most ICONIC BEAL rope
  • Ultra light
Your reliable companion for sport climbing escapades.
A timeless choice for multi-pitch routes.
Versatility meets performance, suited for a variety of climbs.
A must have for adventure terrain.
The rope which meets the requirements for all three standards for dynamic ropes.
Your partner for crag climbing.
Karma 9.8 mm
Tiger 10 mm
Virus 10 mm
  • Low impact force
  • Untreated rope
  • Versatile
  • Ease of handling
  • Low impact force
  • Reassuring diameter
  • Untreated rope
  • Intermediate diameter
Crafted for durability and ease-of-handling, a favorite among regular climbers.
Balancing excellent grip with enduring durability.
Consistency and reliability embodied in one rope.
A model of versatility with enhanced features.
The ultimate multipurpose rope.
Designed for climbers who want to become familiar with the smallest diameters.
Stinger III 10.4 mm
Wall School 10.2 mm
Antidote 10.2 mm
  • Durability
  • Braided Core
  • Increased durability
  • Untreated rope
  • Ideal compromise between diameter and strength
Renowned for its smooth handling and adaptability.
Specifically designed for training and climbing institutions, emphasizing safety and durability.
Your solution to challenging climbs, delivering exceptional handling.
An easy-to-handle rope for children.
Versatile cragging rope.
A light and fluid rope designed for high level climbing and reinforced with Unicore technology.
  • The BIRDIE can be used with all dynamic single ropes from 8.5mm to 10.5 m
  • Prevents the rope from twisting
  • 100% metal
Compact belay device with assisted braking, suitable for lead and top roping.
A 5.5mm sewn rope sling ideal for self-locking knots, constructed with an aramid core and polyamide sheath.
This detachable rappelling device facilitates descent on a single strand while enabling rope retrieval.
A sling for all rope diameters.
A detachable rappelling device for all ropes.
Aeroteam IV Harness
Rope Brush
A user-friendly harness providing comfort and tracking options, aimed at groups/clubs and children.
Specially designed brush for rope cleaning, ensuring longevity and safety.
The 8.3mm, multi-functional dynamic rope sling perfect for mountaineering and big wall climbing.
One brush for all rope diameters.
Multifunction sling for climbing and mountaineering.
Easy to use harness
From Work to Play:
Transition effortlessly from professional endeavors to recreational climbs. With PMI's mastery in height equipment coupled with Beal's expertise in sport climbing gear, you're in trusted and dependable hands.
We value your association with the PMI family. Whether it's work or leisure, we're dedicated to supporting your ascent to the top.
Stay safe and keep climbing!

Warmest regards,
The PMI Team
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