ICAR 2018
Contemporary rescue in mountains
Alpine Rescuer mandatory gear
shown at ICAR 2018

Rescue hazards in alpine environments are increased as a result of sharp rocks, crumbling terrain, and compressible snow and ice. In urban environments, tripods and multi-pods provide a good edge management solution, but limitations in portability and excessive weight make these impractical for Alpine and wilderness environments… until now! At just over 3 feet in length and 3 pounds in weight, the Vector is easily transported into the backcountry and rigs quickly and easily into a monopod configuration using high tenacity cord to facilitate load management over an edge in any environment with ease.

Kernmantle ropes are the contemporary tool of choice for alpine rescue, having a core that contributes the majority of strength and elongation properties, and a sheath that protects those load bearing fibers from potential damage. The one limitation of these modern ropes has been the disparity between sheath and core, and an inevitable susceptibility to slippage between the two. Unicore technology in PMI's Extreme Pro static rope provides a solution, bonding sheath and core for greater strength and security in harsh terrain.

Alpine rescuers require high performance, light-weight connectors without compromise. Locking carabiners are generally preferred for their higher reliability and greater strength. Screw gate carabiners offer manual locking capabilities while autolocking mechanisms are often preferred for greater assurance of their being locked. Shaped carabiners, such as PMI's Paragon series, offer more than just aesthetic appeal. The unique shape of these carabiners offer a higher strength: weight ratio, wider gate opening to fit over litter rails, and are easier to operate with one hand, while the key-lock style nose makes for smooth operation.

PMI AnExK9 Harness
Search-and-Rescue dogs have become an integral part of alpine and backcountry operations worldwide. Often transported by helicopter, avalanche dogs, air-scent dogs, and trailing dogs work alongside expert handlers to perform these tasks. Insertion to difficult terrain can be a challenge, particularly when dogs must be short-hauled or rappelled into a site with their handler. The PMI AnExK9 Harness is a secure solution that supports the dog comfortably in an ergonomic position for transport.
Become a Professional Rescuer
PMI's training division, Vertical Rescue Solutions (VRS), doesn't just teach this stuff—they live it. And with PMI's 40 years in the rope and life safety manufacturing business, you can be assured that quality gear and instruction go hand in hand.