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These are the most popular caving products that have been hand picked in order to provide you with PMI's best discounts for the season. This deal is only for a limited time, so act fast and get caving!

this caving harness features a low profile and even lower frontal attachment point, making it an excellent choice for cave exploration or cave rescue.
The Viper caving harness is Designed to work with the Frog chest harness.
PMI Air-Go Helmet
Modern styling and certified protection at an economical price, this
helmet complies with USA, Canadian, and European safety standards.
This is a helmet that you'll be Excited to wear.
At the end of the speleo sale, PMI will make
a donation to a qualifying cave-supporting organization.
Large, Medium, and Small Rope Bags
PMI's exclusive combination of features includes double sewn seams
that reinforce the stress points when stuffing in your favorite PMI rope.

double sewn seams that reinforce key stress points are part of PMI's Exclusive combination of features to make sure your favorite PMI rope fits smoothly and securely into the bag.

Mate II HMS Screw Gate Aluminum Carabiner
Performance meets fine design in this newly improved version of the PMI® Mate carabiner. You'll appreciate the clean, smooth action and exceptional quality of this HMS shaped carabiner. This is An ideal choice for Münter hitch rappels and belaying.
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And of course the Ropes
Considered the Gold Standard of caving ropes by recreational cavers
and rescuers alike, PMI Pit Rope is one of the burliest and longest-lasting
ropes available today. The Max-Wear sheath is designed to withstand the harshest of cave environments. It's low elongation and compatibility with most, if not all, SRT climbing systems, makes ascending and descending a breeze.
Even being dragged through miles of cave passages or being rigged around raging waterfalls, this iconic rope stands the test of time and will easily survive trip after trip.
While PMI Pit Rope is originally designed as a caver's rope, don't be fooled: it is also a perfect tool for anyone that needs an incredibly durable workhorse rope where
abrasion resistance and reliability are paramount.
PMI's 8mm expedition rope is ideal for everything from caving to canyoneering as well as any adventure in between or out of the ordinary! It is a lightweight, abrasion resistant, static rope that repels water and handles exceptionally well while ascending and descending the most challenging routes.

PMI Pit Rope has been the Gold Standard for Cavers for more than 40 years. Now, for expedition and extreme cavers who are pushing the boundaries of exploration PMI offers a lighter - yet still robust - version of this Classic rope. The all-nylon construction offers just enough elongation to protect your anchorages, while PMI's signature Max-Wear sheath stands up to the harshest karst.
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